Why choose me?

Get to know Viet Doan - Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Overall Mens Physique Champion

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I have been strength training for over 15 years now and know what I am doing. My fitness story didn't start until I was 19. Up until then I was a tall (6'2/188cm) and skinny guy weighing in under 60kg. I had never stepped foot inside a gym, ever, and was by no means planning to do so either. I had a friend who was persistent and asked me every single day to come join him at the gym, but it just wasn't for me. Until one day, I I broke and decided to come.. 

I started out as a skinny kid struggling to put on muscle. I was known for eating take away (KFC, McDonalds,and pizza) for every  meal of the day. I am physical proof of what lifting weights can do to your body and how a lifestyle change can be made easy. I don't want you to eat chicken and broccoli for every single meal to achieve your goal. I know there is a different way. How? because I took that way.

I know the stages you are going through and will be going through.  I have been through everything that I am going to coach you through. My biggest regret is that I did not start earlier. My training journey, the healthy lifestyle - the best version of me that I never thought I could be.


Other than  the qualifications in first aid and CPR, certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training-  I am also a certified Level 1 Powerlifting Coach. When I got into fitness I eventually got into powerlifting. I did powerlifting for years, took part in competitions and pulled my heaviest deadlift of 307.5 kgs at 96kgs in 2009. During this time I gained extremely valuable experience, built my foundation and what was the beginning of a long life of lifting weights.  My powerlifting background may be the reasoning behind my belief of training smart and how your mental game can move mountains.

I deeply believe that a coach who is planning a program must know everything about his athlete and feel the essence of this person. All athletes are different in the way that they are built, how quickly they recover from training and how they react to the different forms of training.

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I am one of Australias most successful Mens Physique athletes. I started competing in May 2017 and from there I won my first 3 shows including the Overalls. I then travelled to Barcelona, Spain  in September 2017 to take part in my first International competition at the Arnold Classic Barcelona. It was a massive show with over 1300 competitors and  I brought home the silver medal from placing 2nd! This placing qualified me for a Pro card in the IFBB Elite Federation and I made my Pro debut at the Milano Pro Show in Milan, Italy where I placed 4th. Fast forward to March 2018, I decided to switch federations and compete as an amateur in the IFBB Pro League at the Arnold Classic Australia. Again, a very big show with over a 100 Mens Physique competitors. After battling it out I managed to take home 1st place, the Overall AND receieved my Pro card to the IFBB Pro League. I made my Pro debut for the IFBB Pro League at the New Zealand Pro/Am, where I again placed 4th. The IFBB Pro League is the pinnacle of bodybuilding, it is here where the greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger have competed and is the only way to have the opportunity to compete on the biggest bodybuilding stage of them all......Mr Olympia.

Are you ready? Let me personally coach you throughout the whole way to your goal.